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Survival Guide for Vinyl Decals During Winter

When is it “too cold” for my Vinyl Decal?

Colder temperatures will reduce the plasticity of Vinyl that is made of PVC. This can make them brittle and weaken their ability to conform to curved surfaces such as a windshield. This is less likely to be an issue when Vinyl is applied to a smooth and flat surface. All of our Vinyl Colors are durable for outdoor use and have a permanent adhesive in order to last through any weather for years to come.

If temperatures reach below the average minimum (46 Degrees) the adhesive becomes so brittle that it can not bond to the surface, which can lead to failure to adhere over time. This is especially true when vinyl is installed on the lower portion of a windshield that see cold temperatures, has a curved surface, and can build up with ice and snow.  With any of these factors along with using your windshield wipers, it can end up removing your vinyl even if it was installed correctly.

What can i do to help prevent early failure of a decal in the Winter?

When installing a decal or banner in the winter months, the vinyl can initially stick to the surface but end up prematurely failing overtime.  This is because not only the vinyl itself, but the adhesive can also become brittle in colder weather. It can take a few days for the adhesive to completely bond to a surface so applying the decal in a warm environment, such as a heated garage, is highly recommended. Make sure both the vinyl you are applying, and the surface it is going on, are both warm. Remember that too much heat can hurt your vinyl rather than help it. You can use a heat gun or even something as simple as a blow dryer to warm up each surface before installation.

Vinyl Decals are are a fun and simple way to personalize anything. Don’t let a little cold weather get in the way of expressing yourself and driving in style.

If you have any questions or problems with your Decal/Banner not sticking or falling off please make sure to contact us and we will be happy to help.